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Full Economic Costing (fEC) Template

Full Economic Costing (fEC) Spreadsheet Template

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The documents on this page should be used by members of staff when preparing an external funding proposal. A Full Economic Cost (fEC) Budget Approval Form must be completed and approved prior to the application being sent to the proposed sponsor. The fEC Budget Approval Form will be automatically produced in the form of a report from the fEC Spreadsheet. If you require assistance with the completion of the fEC form you should contact the relevant member of the Research Development Team; contact details are available on the Research Development team website here

It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator (PI) to ensure that their application is fully approved before it is submitted to the funder. It is important that the Research Contracts and Monitoring team has the full application, including justification of resources, case for support, letters of support, impact statements, etc. to allow the application to be checked for errors and for the fEC to be verified against the application to the funder. It is especially important that there is time to allow for any amendments that may be required during the approval/review process. This may include referring the funder’s forms back to the PI for amendment so it is essential that sufficient time is allowed for this to happen.
To allow time for proper consideration, the full proposal and fEC should be available to the Research Contracts and Monitoring team no later than one week before the external deadline for submission. Failure to adhere to this timeframe may result in the application being rejected.

PLEASE NOTE that with immediate effect, any fEC including fixed term employees must include potential statutory redundancy costs for staff with more than 2 years’ service.

Statutory redundancy payments can be calculated using


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